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Jan. 18th, 2018

[info]hellsreapers in [info]pbads


[info]clawing in [info]pbads

[info]goliaths lines to wake up to! spider-man, venom, mj, spider-gwen, spider-woman, silk.

[info]akq in [info]pbads

[info]where can i bribe someone to bring tyler seguin?

[info]werewolfchase in [info]slashsls

Could I possibly get a Colton Haynes, Cody Christian or a Dylan Sprayberry PB over at [info]pleasantgrove it's a new slash community. Everyone is welcoming.

[info]kobes in [info]pbads

home for a clark gregg?

[info]mran in [info]pbads

[info]where isabella peschardt, amandla stenberg, herizen guardiola, amandla stenberg, yara shahidi, ashley moore, aisha dee, imaan hammam, or china anne mcclain for the last of her two younger sisters.

[info]moresco in [info]pbads

i need to do a major revamp but might take this guy to [info]places. he works in a family-owned gift shop and is awful. lines? an equally awful bff, coworkers, adults who don't know how to adult, jurassic park enthusiasts, anyone from back in the day who wants to come along

[info]tactician in [info]pbads

[info]lineart loki, black panther, cyclops, professor x, missing avengers and the like while i continue to binge on tiny toons.

[info]mullikin in [info]pbads

[info]where any of his siblings especially his two younger sisters, baseball players, an ex he's on bad terms with, adventure buddies, someone to binge watch shows with, dog parents, boston natives, awkward hookups/dates, a girl he flirts with that works in the office for the team he plays for, teen wolf and maze runner faces, britt robertson, anything else we can come up with

[info]razzledazzleem in [info]pbads

[info]tarnishedmod Where my humans at??

[info]fiery in [info]pbads

[info]lineart scott summers, report for duty please. james mcavoy as well. and all the tissues because this cv week is wrecking me.

[info]seanz in [info]pbads

home for a chris hemsworth or scott eastwood?

[info]babinski in [info]pbads

[info]where joooohnnn mulaney and somewhere to get more icons because i am lazy

[info]currentmood in [info]pbads

[info]chum can i get a current fling for him? i'd be happy with either gender and we can discuss details!

[info]purrsuasion in [info]pbads

[info]goliaths batman, spider-man, thor, captian america, mr. fantastic, wolverine, iron man, supergirl, daredevil, hulk, cyborg, black panther, hawkeye, bat rogues,

[info]elizabethshort in [info]pbads

[info]chum adelaide kane for a younger sister, best friends of either gender, an ex boyfriend, fwb, all the lines!

[info]snchristova in [info]pbads

[info]muni if you like friendly and active people! Small gpsl looking to add more faces. Everyone is super OOC/IC friendly!!

[info]illusionism in [info]pbads

Anyone up for a mmf poly line?

Jan. 17th, 2018

[info]catelin in [info]pbads

[info]where kit harrington for a brother, someone cute for a sister, lines with all you people, does anyone play a therapist and want a storyline?

[info]icountrygirl in [info]fandom_psls

Are there any active TWD communities out there? I have an OC that I've been wanting to try out for months. I love the show and I'd be willing to write against canon characters but I'm more interested in an original character driven community. I can type about 200-500 words per tag and can do either one tag a day or several, depending on timing.

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