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[17 Jun 2018|08:06pm]


[info]lineart neo joker (marian drews), mad hatter, talia al ghul, mister freeze, clayface, riddler, two face, ra's al ghul!

[17 Jun 2018|07:51pm]


[info]renowned co-stars especially the walking dead or credit suggestions for his post-twd career, a more famous ex that the public got between or a pr relationship he got talked into, unlikely friendships, people who have been on or will be on his youtube interview show,

[17 Jun 2018|07:30pm]
[info]counties what females are wanted?

[17 Jun 2018|04:28pm]


[info]where alexandra shipp, emily browning, brianna hildebrand, julia garner, tyler okonma, kyle gallner, stoner friends

[17 Jun 2018|06:23pm]


[info]counties. a sibling of some sort. could be close, could both be equally self-absorbed. a roommate, maybe former berkeley dormmate that turned out to be normal or at least cam's kind of crazy. some obvious faces of cliche -- miles heizer, dylan minnette, alisha boe, katherine langford, etc etc etc.

[17 Jun 2018|08:47pm]


home or psl, please?

[17 Jun 2018|03:58pm]


[info]lineart amanda waller, rick flag, katana, and the rest of the missing suicide squad, secret six, lex luthor, other ex-cons and morally bankrupt cohorts, jon bernthal for a bff hitman line, deb ann woll for anything, and lines with any new kids i missed!

[17 Jun 2018|06:58pm]


[info]lineart now that i'm over being indecisive, can i get angel, gambit, iceman, havok, dazzler, jean grey, and psylocke? also pb suggestions for polaris? i'm thinking she's going to be in her 20s? i was thinking nicola peltz? help.

[17 Jun 2018|03:51pm]


[info]counties more friends, people for a lil bookclub with him and [info]jeanny, coworkers at a bookstore, daydrinkers, la croix enthusiasts who don't care if that soda ain't got no taste

[17 Jun 2018|06:49pm]


[info]lineart donna troy! richard grayson! stephanie brown! garfield logan! mia dearden! wally west! and the rest all.

[17 Jun 2018|06:51pm]
Anyone want Jemaine Clement for lines? Not picky about setting, just prefer to plot a bit.

[17 Jun 2018|06:50pm]


[info]chicago more twd faces

[17 Jun 2018|11:44pm]


[info]renowned dua lipa or little mix credits?

[17 Jun 2018|06:25pm]


[info]causeway an ex (m) for something specific. someone to help him run his "business". other parents. more natives. people to talk to on discord.

[17 Jun 2018|05:56pm]


Would love some new lines. Long or short term. I play females, and I'm open to just about anything- including, but not limited to: strangers/one night stands/hookups, locker rooms and offices and other public/semi-public areas, toys, sexting, incest/step-incest.

There are some open scenes here. NSFW gif inspiration is here.

[17 Jun 2018|06:00pm]


Does anyone out there play Thomas Doherty?

[17 Jun 2018|04:42pm]


tom hardy, jai courtney, sebastian stan or chris evans for a psl.

[17 Jun 2018|05:20pm]


[info]counties employees at her restaurant (especially a sous chef), regulars, australian transplants for family, a college ex (male or female), neighbors in pacific heights, people she may know through her parents (a real estate mogul and cardio thoracic surgeon), friends she would have met her junior year/senior year of high school after moving from france, people to discuss the world cup with, more people to volunteer at sf-marin food bank/project open hand/sf-lgbt center, i want lines with anyone and everyone so let's brainstorm and come up with something great!

[17 Jun 2018|03:03pm]


[info]causeway anything needed while i work on her?

[17 Jun 2018|04:11pm]


[info]where family on her dad's side, friends from high school, neighbors, other small business owners to chat with, wire or custom buddies!

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